Faulks Baptist Church
Monday, May 27, 2024
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Mission Projects



Below is a list of approved mission projects for this year.  There may be more added as the need may arise.  Please pray about your role in these opportunities and give as you see fit.

After working at the warehouse for Operation Christmas Child last November, we would like to expand Faulks involvement in this ministry.  The initial goal will be to pack 100 boxes.  We hope to accomplish this by collecting items throughout the year culminating in a church wide packing night in November before boxes are due to the UBA.  After spending time in the warehouse, we’ve come up with a list of appropriate items and would like to collect based on the schedule below. Monetary gifts are appreciated at any time as they will assist in covering shipping costs for the boxes.  PLEASE REMEMBER, ALL ITEMS MUST FIT IN THE STANDARD SHOEBOX!

February – Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Socks

March – Tools, Sewing kits, Flashlights, Batteries

April – Stuffed Animals

May – Hygiene Products: Toothbrushes, Floss, Bar Soap, Combs, Brushes, Deodorant, Band-aids, Kleenex,  NO LIQUID ITEMS AND NO TOOTHPASTE.

June – Accessories: Sunglasses, Nail Clippers, Jewelry, Watches, Hairbows, Flip flops, etc

July – Games, Puzzles, and Coloring books

August – School Supplies

September – Toys for ages 2-9 - - Hotwheels, harmonica, slinky, Barbie, etc

 October – Toys for ages 10-14 - - deflated ball with hand pump, yo-yo, etc.

**Toys should not include any war items, anything with camo, toy guns, etc.

November – CHURCH WIDE PACKING NIGHT!  This will be a chance to come together for fellowship and mission work.  A group photo and a letter from the church will be included in each box.  We can add barcodes to our boxes and track where they are sent!

December – Pray for those receiving boxes and for those making the deliveries!

** A trip to the warehouse in Charlotte for all interested church members will be set at a later date.

February  - Baby Bottle Campaign for HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center

July - Voice of the Martyrs Bible to Hostile Nations Program

November/December - Donna Pittman Toy Store


Please contact Zina Bivens or Jennifer Kessler if you have any questions.