Faulks Baptist Church
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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About the Church



On July 5, 1851, a group of people, thirteen men and twenty-one women, agreed unitedly to petition their perspective body at Mount Olive Baptist Church to dismiss them in order to start a new church. The Mount Olive Baptist Church sat in conference on the 19th day of July 1851 and granted their request.


On August 1, 1851, according to the request of Reverend Solomon Snyder, Reverend E.L Davis, Reverend E.C Williams, Reverend S.P Morton and deacons John Griffin, John Bridway, and S. Rushing  met and a presbytery was held and constituted them a church to be called Faulks Baptist. B.F. Benton was named chairman and S.H Parker church clerk.




The first building was made of logs and stood about one-fourth mile west of the present location. The second church was among the dogwood trees where the old part of the cemetery is now. In 1900, the church building was sold and a new building was built. This was a weatherboarded, one-room structure. In 1916, another room was added and in 1922 this room was remodeled and two larger rooms were added. On Easter morning, April 9,1939, this building was destroyed by fire. Another building was then erected. In 1945 our present church was built and in 1967, an educational building was added. A new parsonage was built in 1974 across from the church. In 1981 a new fellowship building was built. In 1988 the church building was refurbished. In 1998, the church purchased nine acres of land adjoining the church property.



The following minister have pastored at Faulks Baptist Church: Reverend Solomon Snyder, Reverend E. L. Davis, Reverend S.J. Fincher, Reverend B. S. Reader, Reverend John W. Davis, Reverend J. L. Bennett, Reverend D. A Snyder, Reverend Joe Bivens, Reverend A. C Davis, Reverend E. C Snyder, Reverend J. B. Little, Reverend Luther Little, Reverend Rommie Pierce, Reverend G.W. Burch, Dr. Ernest Hancock, Reverend A. E. Madaris, Reverend Harold D. Mains, Reverend Bobby Martin, Reverend W. J. Taylor, Dr. Phillips L. McRae, Dr. David E Richardson.